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November 4, 2005
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Pregnancy Equals Perversion? by BlushBunnyC3 Pregnancy Equals Perversion? by BlushBunnyC3
If you feel strongly I should be shot for this, by all means, do :D *pwned* Remember this little picture from back almost a year ago? [link] Well just recently, the worst idea for a continuance to it, came to mind ^^; Thus, this such devious little artwork was born :O HOENOES, look who's mind has been basking freely in the gutter again :XD: Thus, the crowd waighs in horror :P

But yeah... in the last picture, it was of these three lovely ladies (from left to right) Candy (hyena), Charlise (lynx) and Kassandra (rabbit), looking quite the peeved at the uber-potent Bullseye (middle right, warthog), who got them all pregnant :D Frisky little devil he be @.@ But forget the hateful looks and making Bullseye nervous as hell - now the tables have quite turned! ^^; How did this come about, you ask?

See... you know how pregnant women tend to be hormone-crazed during pregnancy right? =P Hence, one of those hormone crazed traits is... increased sex drive :XD: *DIES* And considering Bullseye is the one who got them all like that in the first place... you gotta figure he's good for THAT at least! ;; *bricked* What, I'm just the messanger... ;P *flees from angry mob* So yeah... the randy expectant women are craving some Bullseye lovin' <3 (you can imagine D: *withers*)

But a little twist to make it a little less something for you angry rioters to mob about XD;; Notice how Bullseye has a far from arroused look on his face! :giggle: Little factoid about Bullseye - pregnancy and pregnant women unnerve (scare) him in general :D At best, he tries to avoid and stay out of their way. And considering these women got pregnant from HIM... you can imagine he's probably petrified at first >D

But then, he gets back into his regular Bullseye pervertic state of mind, and realizes, "Wait a minute... there's an UPSIDE to this?! :O" and the fact that he has three rather lightly dressed women, who want some Bullseye sexin'! XD; Well... I just have one thing to say to this, to quote from a movie I saw recently :)

"Thank God you can't get pregnant when you're pregnant!"

NO. KIDDING. :| Good thing too D: *brain implosion* I can only officially make so many Bullseye spawn y'know o.o; *FLAIL* Not that I don't enjoy it, mind you ;) *shot* But yeah. And the whole fancy bedroom beddrapes and such look... it's like a freakin' harem :XD: TEHBULLSEYEHAREM(tm)! >O ...Okay, now I'm ASKING you to shoot me :D Please <3

OH! Last note :nod: Each girl is dressed in a bedside matter that is most like their personality towards sex. Candy is mostly dressed, but somewhat revealing... as in, she's not exactly slutty, but she's still quite open to sex. Charlise, is the most scandulously clad, and most sexually active :O Kassandra, is the most covered, in a light, pure sense, meaning that she treats sex as a very intimate and romantic matter. And Bullseye? ...Well... uhhh... he's still Bullseye? :D *beaten*

All BlushBunnyC3
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Windmill10000 Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2013
I want to be in that position!
geckoguy123456789 Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I wouldn't mind switchin' places with him, it could be interesting....
AndyHedgehog Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2007
Heh, this is ultra-funny! I wonder if he realises that after their sexual cravings are satisfied, they're probably going to beat the $*&! out of him for getting them pregnant in the first place LOL.
Nice job!
HenryIndiana Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2007
The girls look very sexy... XD

Henry: Man. At least I'm not in his position.
F-15-Eagle Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2007   Writer
You Play, You Pay.
kylite Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2005
Ah poor man :p

Somehow the thought of being in a bed with three pregnat women is...less than appealing :p Now if they were three un-pregnat women... >.>

Very good! =D
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