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Chislett-Taryn - Rather Random by BlushBunnyC3 Chislett-Taryn - Rather Random by BlushBunnyC3
Alright. Let's see if I can explain this so that you kiddies won't get confused 8D This is part of a drabble/written trade I did with *Babble-chan Now how it works is, she suggested a concept: someone coming over to someone's house, and romance ensuing. I picked a couple to do it with: Chislett and Taryn-Lacy. And then she wrote a short story/scenario, that involved her concept, through the two. And I picked my favourite part of the drabble she wrote, and illustrated it :) Make sense?

So yes. The story went (FYI, I DID NOT WRITE THIS SCENARIO) that Taryn's parents are apparently out of town or whatever, and Taryn is home alone, and bored, and Chislett calls her up, and she invites him over to hang out. And the story goes, that these two are just friends, not a couple yet (which is inaccurate to my canon storyline, but obviously, artistic licence is used, so :P).

Anyway, once Chislett arrives, seeing as it's pissing rain out that day, they decide to do something indoors. Chislett suggests making a cake :XD: So they proceed to that; well, mostly Taryn, Chislett just kinda frollicks around, being a lazy, pesky buttface, the silly boy 8D; But he does help with a few parts, one importantly being cracking eggs... which he makes a mess out of, some of which ends up on the floor :O

And much to Taryn's dismay, she ends up slipping on those eggs and smacking to the floor with a plop D: Ouchies! Hit her head too, poor thing >>; Anywho, just before this occured, she had been scolding Chis for making a mess of things, and Chis made some sort of random joke that Taryn apparently cooks so well, it makes people want to sleep with her o.o (lol, wtfplz)

But yes, just after he says that, Taryn slips on the eggs, falls down, Chis makes sure she's okay, then this scenario happens =P (again guys, I DID NOT WRITE THIS FOLLOWING WRITTEN CONCEPT. *Babble-chan DID. CREDIT GOES TO HER.)

“What about me?”

Taryn managed to roll over onto her back without hurting too much so she could look at Chislett. “What about you?”

“Am I allowed to want to sleep with you?”

The mongoose blinked. She couldn’t have heard that right. Then again, this was Chislett she was talking to. Anything was possible. “Excuse me?”

“Am I allowed to want to sleep with you?”

He wasn’t even smiling, which was a rare occurrence when Chislett was pulling a prank on someone. It confused poor Taryn enormously; it must have been the hit to her head that was doing this. “No. You’re not allowed, and neither is anybody. Help me up, would you?”

Chislett took her hand and hoisted her up to his feet. The sudden rush made Taryn feel like falling over again, but her friend had it covered; his arms were around her, holding her up, and he obviously felt that it was the best moment for him to plant a kiss on the redhead's mouth. It wasn’t even just a peck; it was a full on lips and tongue job, passionate and intense. Not like any other kiss Taryn had experienced before. When it stopped, it only made her feel like falling over more; of course, Chislett’s arms prevented it.
“So, can I want to sleep with you now?”

And there you have it :giggle: Obviously, had this been my own scene, I would tweak stuff, here and there, but the idea behind it rings true, regarding Chislett being so random as to pull something off like that xD CRAZY BOY THAT HE IS~ *dies* You have to love him for trying tho o.O;

Regarding my picture; I like it, but the colouring kinda got failed on D: See, the night I started colouring it, I ended up feeling REALLY sick, so the quality suffered ;; Sorry about that. I kinda wished I coloured them in pencil too; that or I did the marker job better ^^; But again, I wasn't feeling 100%, so :( Wargh. I hope you guys like it nonetheless!

Drabble/Written Scenario/Concept © :iconbabble-chan: Artwork & Characters © :iconblushbunnyc3:
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Honey-Money Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2007
thats sooooo cute i like your art 4 eva -^^-
kylite Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2007
Very interesting situation O.o! Especially considering the people involved ;p Though I think the picture coveres the scene quite well :D
calicokatt Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2007  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Damn I love your colouring skillz! :D Great work on the background, it looks just wonderful :D I love the poses as well too look great :D
SamCyberCat Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2007
I squeed when I saw a picture of one of my favourite Colour couples in my in-box. ^.^ And the drabble concept sounds like a fun game to play. =3

Got to love Chis for his randomness here. ^^ He does sound more like my current muse Fubuki than anything but that makes me laugh in a good way. :) Something about the way he's smiling here does suggest he's making a pervy comment here without actually looking perverted on the picture. Not sure if that sounds right but that's what it looks like to me. Oh, and Taryn-Lacy still has awesome hair. :D She always will. XD But what mostly makes me squee is that the characters have been coloured by markers. ^.^ Your marker colouring is just so wonderful to look at. It does work well to bring the characters out from the pencil coloured background, but you don't need me to tell you that. =3
CF-The-Pimp Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2007
Cute. ^^
Apple-Rings Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2007  Hobbyist General Artist
This is really awesome, Cari. I love how these two are in a situation when things will go bad. Great job on it.
Babble-chan Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2007
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