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Stuff I'm Working On

Completed 15 inked pieces.

-Sketched: 1) Des'ree Pencil ID 2014.
2) Tessa & Paul (sketching)
3) TJ & Karolyn.
4) Justin & Donavan Torra (sketching)
5) Dara & Graff - Calm Before The Storm (sketching)
6) Isaac & Cara.
7) Joyce Celaya.
8) Buckthorne & Bullseye (inking)
9) Tark & Mase (inking)
10) Tyler & Aaron (sketching)

-Inked: 1) Charles & Mirella.
2) Des'ree Elwood (colouring)
3) Josh & Emily (colouring)
4) Gift for ZaneRedrald
5) Dallas & Sondra.

-Coloured: Nothing at the moment.

(See some of my latest work in progress below~)


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Oct 26, 2016
4:52 pm
Oct 25, 2016
9:52 pm
Oct 25, 2016
4:53 pm
Oct 24, 2016
6:17 am
Oct 22, 2016
8:22 pm

Things I Owe/Am Owed

(Just keeping a list of things here to keep track.)

aurora-cs Jonathon, Marie & Sapphire (art trade)
SamCyberCat (art trade - on hold)

Comissions & Art Trades:
aurora-cs Svein, Diana & Buckthorne (art trade)
SamCyberCat (art trade - on hold)


So I'm headed to Ontario with my mom for a week! Visting extended family for a spell. Laptop is being left at home, but I'll keep online tabs via my smartphone, so long as WiFi is available~ 
Hey everyone~ I meant to update something this month, but September ended up getting a little overwhelming and stressful on me... I promise October will bring a few new deviations and a new journal, honest. Just bear with me a little bit longer - I swear I'm alive over here!
...So guess who downloaded Pokémon Go and has been letting it consume/distract from most of her downtime? (I've never played a single Pokémon game before.)

You can all thank ZaneRedrald HE INSISTED. >>
I need to update. Ummm... work sucks and summer can't make up its damn mind. Seriously, the weather keeps getting all overcast and muggy and RAINY.

I purchased a substantial amount of tank tops, shorts and skirts this year... IF I CAN'T WEAR THEM, SO HELP ME D<< *tableflips* 
Okay, so I'm really lousy about updating journals and art these days due to my physical issue. If that's going to be a thing until the foreseeable future, you know what? I'm gonna start updating this status thing on a weekly basis and just start spouting rambles like it's Twitter. Why the hell not? Might motivate me and you guys get verification that I'm still alive. Sounds like a win/win.

You guys wanna ask me anything go right ahead~

Hello from the other side. (Sorry, not sorry.)

Journal Entry: Sat May 28, 2016, 11:50 PM


Cari attempts Youtube: Introduction: Tools of the Trade
(Part 1)…
(Part 2)…

So I've already been naughty and skipped journaling in April, so I'd better get on my shit before May closes up shop. I hope my silly (Sim related) status posts are some light entertainment and proof I'm still alive XD

Okay, so since it's been almost two months since my last entry, what's to report?

Well, my cat is currently faceplant sleeping and snoring. It's funny :D

...Sorry, just breaking the ice XD; (Seriously though, his snoring... *dies*) So March I guess was pretty meh. I ended up getting a cold (from a coworker I believe) that plagued me for a week or so. Then almost an exact month later, I pick up ANOTHER cold from my dad. But mind you, my dad's cold was something he got from a social event and it was BAD. Like, he was hacking super bad for two weeks, bad. (Apparently he had pneumonia as a kid, so his one lung can't take a beating from infection, which must've been triggered.) I was SUPER careful while he was sick, constantly washing my hands, I even bought Lysol wipes and would rub down every knob and handle in the house, and technically I DID manage to avoid it almost the whole way through. It just snagged me near the end - but thankfully it was SUPER mellow. Like, it just came and went in less than a week. It was almost like was even the point? Lol.

Yeah, maybe not really interesting, but I make a note of this because I tend to keep track of how many times I'm sick in a year, just for reference.

So let's talk about work. My body is for most part handling it well enough. (Or at least the pain is manageable at this point. I did just work three 7 hour days in a row this week past, and I think it wasn't -too- bad.) Course, summer hours and workload is a whole different story; just have to wait and see how it turns out. Just hoping my body handles it well and I can make some decent money to make up for my lost summer last year. (Not that I didn't enjoy the two month relaxation and all the lake/beach trips!! ;P) I owe it to my team too.

And by team, I moreso mean my supervisors/superiors... I love the three of them and they're wonderful women. They appreciate me and my work ethic and are fabulous to work with.

Pretty much all the other girls who are underneath me (seniority wise, I mean) on the other hand? ...Not so much.

I think it started back sometime in March or so - I started picking up vibes and catching snatches of conversation. Certain attitudes seemed off putting. To this day, I'm not still 100% sure of what to believe, if I'm just reading too much into things or paranoid... but some stuff just seems too blunt to be a coincidence.

But honestly guys, I feel like I'm practically being BULLIED at work by the younger girls :| It's fucking ridiculous. It's like they're either purposely being rude or excluding me from conversation. What the shit? (Okay, so I'm really bad at conversing/chatting, it's true, introversion and social anxiety do that to you - but I don't like being IGNORED. That's lousy and petty.) I'm pretty sure one of them was talking shit about me with the others (and insulting our supervisor to boot). Where the hell did this hostility even come from!?

So I don't know.  It's really been driving me nuts. It hurt my feelings more in the beginning, now it's just putting me in a grumpy/tense mood when it happens. I don't know what their fucking problem is. Ranting to the hubby has helped some (he tries to make suggestions and prompts - one being that, they possibly see me as a "superior" so they're not comfortable around me and it's a weird respect thing...) Or hell, maybe they resent the fact our supervisors praise me and let me have certain perks, like getting longer hours, even on a stat holiday, and laundry shifts. But it's like, shit son, I EARNED that respect and privilege. Don't shit on me because YOU guys can't be bothered to take the job seriously! >> I'm not dumbing down MY work so YOU idiots can look better; fuck that noise.

It's kind of like my body issue, in a sense. I can't really DO anything about it; I just have to keep chugging along. I can let it fester and eat me up inside, but it won't solve anything. I'm doing what I can to grow thicker skin to their nonsense and telling myself that ultimately this crap doesn't mean anything in the grand scheme of things. Either they're not doing what I think they are, or petty bitches are just gonna be petty bitches. Sometimes it doesn't get to me, sometimes I'm gonna have a bad day :/ Life's gonna go on either way.

So the emotional drain has gotten to me some. Between that and body wangst, art continues to move very slowly and I've been enjoying the distracting fun shenanigans of Sims 2 the past couple months. (Yet my poor Tumblr is neglected - I need to fix that! My photo backlog is soooo huge OTL) I'm sorry I didn't really mention it sooner, it's just kind of sucky I've been lacking in any happy news for awhile :( So I didn't want to update just to whine about my woes.

But let's end this on just that - a happy note! :lol: Two things are coming up very soon - first off, my older brother is getting married the second week of June (first marriage in the family since mine!) :D Secondly, ZaneRedrald is coming up for it and will be staying for two weeks! He arrives EXACTLY a week from now :heart::heart::heart: So I'm super hyped for that. I'll get to have a nice two weeks off from work (and the drama, lol) plus quality time with my fam and my hubby :cuddle: So yay!!! :dance:

Okay it's almost past my bedtime and I've got a Sunday shift awaiting me in the morning :O  See you guys in June!

Art Related Stuff

Requests/Gifts: No/By own decision.
Art Trades: Maybe/Depends on my workload.
Commissions: Maybe/Note me for details.

My Husby



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Creator of Colour
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As of 2015, I've been diagnosed with a very baffling and stubborn case of osteitis pubis, which I've been struggling to recover and heal from (albeit very unsuccessfully and/or slowly thus far). It may not be life threatening, but it's very physically debilitating at times. Even simple activities like sitting to draw or being at my laptop can cause pain flare ups before long.

My passion for my work and keeping up with dA haven't faded... but my physical capability at this time makes it difficult to be as active as I once was. I've been told repeatedly that I won't be stuck in this state forever; it's just going to be a very long recovery it seems. Don't give up on me - I haven't given up on you guys :hug: Thank you all for your support!!


Hi there! Thank you for paying my little space of deviantART a visit, I certainly hope you enjoy what you see, since it's something I enjoy doing :)

A little about me? I'm from Canada, in my late 20's, I have a cat, and a fairly big family :O I'm also married to ZaneRedrald whom I love very much~

I'm a bit of a private person, and can be forgetful, so please forgive me if I'm not very social or don't respond to (all) comments. But rest assured, I appreciate all and everyone who takes the time to show support and encouragement to my work :love: You make sharing my passion all the more fun!

I also enjoying writing, which you're free to browse on my writing account BBC3TheStoryGirl and also recommend my webcomic, Colour, for a little bit of both creative spectrums. Love to all you other crazy creators around the world! :heart:

(P.S. I do llama exchanges for anyone interested =P)


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