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Deviantart Questionare
How long have you been on DeviantArt?
9 years - will be 10 next years in january or februrary
What does your username mean?
It's one of my OC's names. She was going to be my fursona, or rather what I sort of wish I was - but it never quite stuck.
Describe yourself in three words.
Stubborn. Imaginative. Odd.
Are you left or right handed?
I'm a righty. c:
What was your first deviation?
... I actually don't know. I actually think it was my first picture of Lindsay or it was Balto art/fan art. Either way I believe I've deleted it by now sadly.
But here's some of my older works;

What is your favorite type of art to create?
Digital now, though traditional still holds a special place in my heart.
If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be?
I don't know if I would, I mean there are amazing artists with skill I wish I had - but no so much styles. Though being able to actu
:iconlindsayprower:LindsayPrower 4 4
.:Comm: BlushBunnyC3[2]:. by Erythrine .:Comm: BlushBunnyC3[2]:. :iconerythrine:Erythrine 13 4 .:Comm: BlushBunnyC3:. by Erythrine .:Comm: BlushBunnyC3:. :iconerythrine:Erythrine 11 3 Laura for Cari by SamCyberCat Laura for Cari :iconsamcybercat:SamCyberCat 7 17 BlushBunnyC3 Commission - Group Picture by Ellen-Natalie BlushBunnyC3 Commission - Group Picture :iconellen-natalie:Ellen-Natalie 25 4 (Commission) Sweet Moment by LindsayPrower (Commission) Sweet Moment :iconlindsayprower:LindsayPrower 40 11 Commission: So Fancy by The-Kat-Warrior Commission: So Fancy :iconthe-kat-warrior:The-Kat-Warrior 4 2 Everything will be okay by ManueC Everything will be okay :iconmanuec:ManueC 58 5 (Commission) You're My Muse by LindsayPrower (Commission) You're My Muse :iconlindsayprower:LindsayPrower 47 11 -Commission- Rockavar and Vera by Engiffyserce -Commission- Rockavar and Vera :iconengiffyserce:Engiffyserce 2 1

Stuff I'm Working On

Completed 15 inked pieces.

-Sketched: 1) Des'ree Pencil ID 2014.
2) Tessa & Paul (inking)
3) Dara & Graff - Calm Before The Storm (sketching)
4) Isaac & Cara.
5) Tark & Mase (inking)
6) Raff & Shawn.
7) Jessi & Christina (inking)
8) Buckthorne & Natalie (sketching)
9) Goresky & Chislett (sketching)

-Inked: 1) Joyce Celaya.
2) Buckthorne & Bullseye.
3) Tyler & Aaron.
4) Rockavar & Vera.
5) Mase & Josh.
6) Gift for ZaneRedrald

-Coloured: Dallas & Sondra.

(See some of my latest work in progress below~)


 photo 20170203_230458.jpg


Jun 17, 2017
5:55 am
Jun 15, 2017
9:44 pm
Jun 13, 2017
9:33 am
Jun 12, 2017
11:39 pm
Jun 12, 2017
5:05 pm

Things I Owe/Am Owed

(Just keeping a list of things here to keep track.)

Comissions & Art Trades:

None at the moment.


After a miserable winter/spring, looks like we're getting an early summer weather preview 8D HOT DAMN. o/


Journal Entry: Fri Oct 28, 2016, 11:24 PM


Cari attempts Youtube: Introduction: Tools of the Trade
(Part 1)…
(Part 2)…

(...Watch no one get that ridiculously old videogame reference.)


To my defense, I posted a few status updates over the last few months (although you may notice I tend to delete them as I go), and TRIED to post art when I could manage to finish it XD; But yeah, I must have come off as pretty dead or inactive at the very least in spots.

I assure you I'm still an avid daily lurker :P It seems like even some of the people I watch have gone rather patchy themselves over the years too. That's life for you!

But honestly, I've been avoiding my journal in particular because the longer I've neglected to update it, the more I don't want to, since it feels like I need to update on a lot more since it piles up. At this point though, I've probably forgotten some things I may have updated about, so it makes less things to talk about? :XD: Kind of a weird cycle there.

So you know what? I'm just going to do a really brief summary of notable things I can recall in the past few months (June-to present). Here we go!

June: Was actually pretty great, because my hubby ZaneRedrald came up for a couple weeks and we got to experience our first wedding attendance (aside from our own, lol) together 8D (my older brother got married) We also spent a couple night's "staycation" at the resort I work at for fun (it was an ocean side king bed room - not shabby at all! ;)). We did other things too, but those were the highlights definitely. (I still might make a separate and elaborate journal entry about it in the future, so I'm keeping it simple here.)

July: Can't seem to recall much notable from July? Other than being introduced to Pokemon Go (blame the hubby... he begged and lured me into it stating how easy it was for even a non-Pokemon gamer to play) >_>; To this day, I'm still keeping at it. It helps that I live in an area that is literally SWARMING in Pokestops. I'm not kidding - when I take the local transit into town, I pretty much farm the shit out of all the stops I pass by |D IT'S GREAT. I've caught 97 unique Pokemon at this point (about to evolve two to reach 99 soon :dance:) but who knows if I'll ever catch 'em all, lol. NOT THAT I WON'T TRY 8U *bricked*

August: Again, not recalling much? Considering August is our busiest month at my resort job, I was plenty busy with that. I work full time hours during summer (I can even bank in some extra hours if I feel ambitious) and even with my pelvic issue? It wasn't all that bad! It was pretty manageable this summer, so I'm SUPER grateful for that. I did make some good money, but I admit I spent most of it as I made it. *DIES*

Like, I've been really overhauling my wardrobe this year. I bought SO many summer clothes, you wouldn't believe it 8| But see, the weather was AWESOME this year - like it was never unbearably hot, just comfortably balmy |D So for nearly two months straight, I was literally in tank tops and shorts every DAY. I loooved it. This is the first year in my adult life I finally was comfortable enough with myself to really embrace wearing that kind of attire on a regular basis. Kinda of embarrassed it took me this long, but better late than never!

September: First day it got cold and my summer attire streak was over ;_; LESIGH. But ah well. This month got weird on me, which is why I continued to be recluse. I ended up really messing up my upper back to the point it was just aching/throbbing super bad and affecting me everywhere (like, lying down on my back hurt it, sitting back hurt it, moving about hurt- put that on top of trying to keep my pelvic issue in check, I was just 1000% done with frustration DX). It took me over a month of weekly chiropractor visits (and some Deep Cold gel) to get it back under control. I think it's nearly let up, it's just lingering a teeensy bit. But shit, that was not fun |C

Despite that, I did get to enjoy a weekend houseboat trip with my family :boogie: This year my older brother's new wife and her son (and his friend) came as well and we had a bigger boat with a hottub. TWAS FUN TIMES :lol: We swam in the lake, we played assorted games (cards, dice, etc.), listened to various tunes, (it even had a TV and DVD player and we watched both Ace Ventura movies :lmao: JIM CARREY AT HIS FINEST, AMIRITE.) and ate. Man, did we eat :B MY FAMILY NEVER SKIMPS ON FOOD, LET ME TELL YOU.

October: I had a rash like thing on my chest develop :/ (on top of my other ongoing physical woes, I was not in a good mindset about this) It wasn't thaaat big, but it wasn't going away and it was a very unsightly red splotch, so I finally went to the clinic (that was a pain itself - turns out my doctor is retiring so he's being replaced and my new one had a two week wait list! ><; But I was told to try calling in the morning to try and get an "emergency" appointment to get in sooner. After about two/three attempts, I did manage to snag one). So I met my new doctor who said he thought the rash looked like an allergic reaction and prescribed me some cream. Took over a week to see any real change though. But at least it finally did ._.

But the best part about October was going to Ontario with my mom to visit her extended family for a week :D THAT was something I totally needed. After the stressfest of summer working and my physical buffet of nonsense, getting away for a week was like a tonic~ It got me out of my head and I was able to relax and just enjoy family company for awhile. (Also my one uncle's five cats 8D THEY WERE DELIGHTFUL.) Had a good time with my mom too - I sometimes get a little ancy around her when she's up in my face a bit, but that didn't happen (too much) :P We got to spend a couple nights in Vancouver and take ferries between flights as well; that was kinda neat :)

And I think that about wraps that up, as far as can remember. It ended up getting a little lengthy afterall, heh. Teach me to leave it for so long again. But yes, I am alive and well (for most part)- if you're ever really concerned, just comment, note or poke me to make sure I'm around XD I don't mind at all.

Hope you guys have a great Halloween in a few days! My birthday's coming up next month, so I've got that to look forward to ;P See you around sooner than later!

Art Related Stuff

Requests/Gifts: No/By own decision.
Art Trades: Maybe/Depends on my workload.
Commissions: Maybe/Note me for details.

My Husby



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  • Reading: The Virgin's Daughter
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Creator of Colour
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
As of 2015, I've been diagnosed with a very baffling and stubborn case of osteitis pubis, which I've been struggling to recover and heal from (albeit very unsuccessfully and/or slowly thus far). It may not be life threatening, but it's very physically debilitating at times. Even simple activities like sitting to draw or being at my laptop can cause pain flare ups before long.

My passion for my work and keeping up with dA haven't faded... but my physical capability at this time makes it difficult to be as active as I once was. I've been told repeatedly that I won't be stuck in this state forever; it's just going to be a very long recovery it seems. Don't give up on me - I haven't given up on you guys :hug: Thank you all for your support!!


Hi there! Thank you for paying my little space of deviantART a visit, I certainly hope you enjoy what you see, since it's something I enjoy doing :)

A little about me? I'm from Canada, I have a cat, and a fairly big family :O I'm also married to ZaneRedrald whom I love very much~

I'm a bit of a private person, and can be forgetful, so please forgive me if I'm not very social or don't respond to (all) comments. But rest assured, I appreciate all and everyone who takes the time to show support and encouragement to my work :love: You make sharing my passion all the more fun!

I also enjoying writing, which you're free to browse on my writing account BBC3TheStoryGirl and also recommend my webcomic, Colour, for a little bit of both creative spectrums. Love to all you other crazy creators around the world! :heart:

(P.S. I do llama exchanges for anyone interested =P)


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Heya mate! Just wanted to redraw this really old gift I did for you back in 2013 as a thank you for all the help you gav me always getting art from me and helping me practicewith you chracters!
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Happy NOOO Year!!!
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Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday dear Cari!
Happy Birthday to you!

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